1. Service


Trial Production

According to customers' drawings, we can carry out trail production before mass production. Production jigs will be made for machining process in order to improve productivity. During tril production, we will evaluate and analyse each steps of production process and provide these information to our customers for product cost estimation and mass produciton schedule arrangement. it will be a high speed method to create high quality and low cost product for market entry.

Mass Production

When mass produciton starts, we will execute production management and quality control. Product inspection check will be proceed before package and shipment. We strictly enfored each produciton process and ensure that manufactured product will be met the intended drawing specifications and customers' delivery schedule.


We provide product customisation machining service in order to shorten manufacture time, such as lathe machining and various surface treatment (sand blasting 、 heat treatment and etc..)

Assembly & Package

We offer assembly of semi-finished goods and package service according to your needs and requirement to reduce production time and package dimension.


Please kindly contact us if you need to ship a package internationally. We can advice a reliable and wide range of shipping plans for your products delivery.